Ode to a Genius

The Greatest Mind in the Entire Omniverse



January 1st, 2030


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You've reached the great and all powerful Washu. The greatest mind in the universe isn't here right now. Please leave a name, message, a form of contact as well as a DNA sample and Washu will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Washu's World

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{The 411 on the Most Brilliant Mind in the Multiverse}

Nexus | Weirdbard Academy | [info]lunatic_cafe | [info]dark_place | [info]serenityhills:
Genius. Goddess. Teacher. Meddler. Washu is all of these and more. It's hard to say what she does these days, but she's still known as the brains behind the technology in the cafe and one of its silent partners. She's also the head of the science department at Weirdbard Academy, she has an access door to her lab located at the house of [info]buffy_summers, and has also been seen hanging around Dark Place hospital on occasion.


The lone survivor of her reality, Washu has taken refuge along with others inside the TARDIS.

June 6th, 2012

Are you ready?

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I can make you better.. stronger.. faster...

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